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How to Relax; Stretch

So a recent study showed that if you exercise for 30 minutes a day (during your lunch break) you will increase your productivity.

Person A eats at their desk and finishes their work at 5.

Person B exercises for 30 minutes and finishes their workload at 4.

This person has better health gets to go home early (or hits their targets earlier getting brownie points...maybe a promotion) and has left the office so doesn't feel like a caged chicken.

Not bad huh! Work to live not live to work.

Exercise is not all about cardio either (although it was in the point above). If we were to go to the gym, (she says looking at that gym pass that hasn't been used since the second week of Jan) we would stretch out after, so why don't we when we have been in front of the computer all day? (Using the same muscles over and click click).

Feel your right shoulder (the flat bit when you look in the mirror) it probably has a lump near the neck. I have nicknamed this the 'mouse knot'.

So make sure you stretch whenever you remember. Make a note next to the computer screen to remind yourself.

Look down at your left hand and roll your right shoulder back and down like you are reaching for something in the back right corner. If you don't feel a stretch in your neck then bring your jaw to the ceiling. will definitely feel a stretch now!

If you don't stretch then all that gunk will solidify and just get bigger and harder.

Best time to stretch is just after the bath/shower when your muscles are at their warmest. Always stretch before and after exercise as this will prevent injury (and gunk hanging around).

Stretch before bed to promote a better nights sleep.

How do you feel after a good stretch?

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