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Patch Tests - For Therapists/Hairdressers

Would you lose a client instead of giving in to not having a patch test?

A disclaimer isn't enough anymore.

Clients assume they know best 'I've had tinting before'. It is our job to put their safety over profits and client connivence.

I see so many therapists offering 'last minute treatments' without thinking of the patch test, we have to not lower the standards of our industry.

A patch test doesn't protect the client for getting a reaction or developing a reaction, which can happen at any point, it is more to protect you than them. Remember insurance is a scam! They will do everything in their power not to pay out so unless you have done everything by the book, no matter if you agree with it or not, it's your pocket and reputation that may suffer.

I used to have low lights, when I was 18 had a pillbox red flash in my hair. No problem.

The first time I had an all over colour by a therapist in training; James Quigley who decided after I asked for a patch test 'let's not bother'. I ended up having a major reaction, 50 hours after application and I am now allergic to all tints and dyes for life. I now make sure my clients wait 3 day (72 hours).

The 'gentleman' above was lucky he guilted me into not taking further action, which I regret as I am now left with this life long condition.

Put that a patch test is advisable on your terms and conditions as well as consultation forms. Some people are allergic to water so any product could cause a reaction. So offer a patch test for everything.

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