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Being a Model:

What does being a model mean?

Having a treatment by a supervised student aka being a human guinea pig. 

The student will be taught how to perform the treatment safely. 



What are the upsides?

The treatments will be at a reduced rate. 


Where do I find out about model opportunities?

Dates and treatments will be posted on Facebook and Twitter and will be on a first-come-first-served basis. 



What happens what I put my name down?

If you were to cancel at short notice it would affect the student's qualification and HRM Beauty, to prevent this we ask that you pay £10 in advance. Your place and only be secured once payment is received. (If applicable it may be partly refunded on the day)

If the day is cancelled you will be refunded. If you cancel at short notice you will be barred from being a model again.​

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