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Massage is a great addition to any event of any size. Visitors feel refreshed so they stay longer, spending more with other vendors = a successful event! 

Massages are 10 - 15 minutes per person, paying  'Pay What You Feel Massage Is Worth, Average £15-£50.

We rent a space (only 1 therapist 1.5 per square meter)

Done on massage chairs for maximum comfort. 


We 'Roam' walkabout event (best for festivals) asking visitors.

This is done on stools, taking up as much space as someone in a wheelchair.


A mix of both! 

If you'd like to offer your clients/visitors FREE MASSAGES

see 'Massage At Work' for prices.

Why HRM Beauty?

HRM therapists are always given the opportunity to earn a fair day wage for the

effort and time they put in.  = Happier therapists, more effort given to your visitors. 

We are helping ALL vendors and your event to be successful and respectfully request that the 'rent' reflects this. 

Want to join HRM Beauty as a therapist? See detail here


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