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   See Frequently Asked Questions for more details. 

Luxury Facial......£50 (Can be paired with: All Advanced Facials)

Dermaplaning....£30 (Can be paired with: All Advanced Facials)

Chemical Peel, Microneedling, or  BB Glow....£40

(Can be paired with: Luxury and/or Dermaplaning)

2 Advanced Facials = Code: DISCOUNT30%

3 Advanced Facials = Code: DISCOUNT40%

Courses Buy 5 Get 1 Free

Relaxing Facial:

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extraction* (If Needed), Luxury Face Massage, Hand & Arm Massage*, LED Light Therapy*, Mask With Ultersound, High-Frequency Tone, Serum, Moisturiser, Eye/Lip Serums. 

30 minutes....£32.50 

*45 minutes....£40

Luxury Facial:

Cleanse, Enzyme Exfoliation, Blackhead Extraction, Luxury Face, Neck, Arm & Hand Massage, LED Light Therapy, High-Frequency Tone, Cold Therapy, Serum, Moisturiser, Eye & Lip Cream, SPF.

Brightening 24KT Gold /Cleansing Mud Mask With Ultrasound, or Jelly Mask if having an advanced Facial.

45 minutes....£50


Removing the fluffy hair and dead skin using a scapel, resulting in a smooth & brighter exfoliated face. (Learn More)

Cleanse, Dermaplane, Luxury Enzyme Exfoliation, Serum, Moisturiser, SPF....£30.00

Chemical Peel:

Deep Exfoliation. No Downtime/Redness.

Cleanse, Luxury Enzyme Exfoliation, Charcoal Mask, Chemical Peel, Serum, Moisturiser, SPF.  (Learn More)

£40...FREE Moisturiser with a course of 6. 


Using Dr.Pen A6s. It uses fine needles to create tiny punctures in the skin. This stimulates the body's natural production of collagen and elastin. (Learn More)

Cleanse, Luxury Enzyme Exfoliation, Microneedling using Derma 2.0 range, Moisturiser, SPF

£40....FREE Moisturiser with a course of 6.

BB Glow: 

Using the Dr.Pen A6s. (Learn More)

Cleanse, Luxury Enzyme Exfoliation, Serum, Colour, Moisturiser, SPF

£40....FREE Moisturiser with a course of 6.

LED Light Therapy: 

Add to any lying down treatment (excluding lashes & brows), for the face or body to target lines and wrinkles or spots and congestion. ...£5

Facial Tidy Up

Nose Wax, Eyebrow Thread & Blackhead Extraction....£25

With Ear Wax...£30

Below The Belt, Groin Facial /Underarms

For The Pubic Mound And Bikini Line. Can also be applied to underarms.

Cleanse, Exfoliation, Extraction, Detoxing Clay Mud Mask, Tone, High-Frequency Tone, Anti Ingrown Tone....£30

Luxury Facial
Chemical Peel
BB Glow
L.E.D Therapy
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