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HRM Beauty Events


Why HRM Beauty is different:

Other Companies                                HRM Beauty                                                   Why HRM Beauty is better?

Works on stools                        Works on massage chairs         Chairs are more comfortable for the client & the therapist.


Works on low Commission      Charges a fixed fee                    Therapists get a decent days wage for their efforts and hard labour.

                                                                                                          They are more motivated, they work harder and clients benefit.

                                                                                                          I will only accept a show if I believe you can walk away with a 3 figure sum


Books a lot of therapists           Books enough therapists         When there are too many therapists they don't have space to work                                                                                                                      properly. You also end up with a line of 'sellers' in the quiet periods,                                                                                                                      which is not attractive!



Where are events/shows/festivals:

Mainly Essex and London (Excel, Olympia, Ally Pally)


How much will it cost/What will I earn:

It depends on the show. It is based on:

how big the stand cost (how many therapists I can comfortably fit in)

Ranges from £40 - £150 a day.

You are self-employed. You are responsible for your own tax, transport and other expenses.

What you earn is everything you take on that day. If I can give an estimate based on previous years I will. 


How does HRM Beauty make a profit:

I don't make a big profit, I work the same as you, I'm hopefully turning up for free and that's my profit. I'm working 'with you'.


What do I need to sign up:

send HRM Beauty


ONE massage certificate

Public Liability Insurance


To work in Olympia/Excel:

Association on the London Exemption List (CTHA, FHT). This is an annual cost.


To work in Excel:

Newham Council Licence (Annual Fee)

£50 if new, £42 if renewing

Send passport/driving licence, Passport photo, Public Liability Insurance



You will be sent events as they come in, with ALL relevant details. It is in a first come first served basis. Places is not secure until payment has been made. (25% is kept if you cancel). Full refund if event is cancelled and I'm refunded by event.

Any further details will be sent ONCE you have paid, at the relevant time.


What equipment do I need:

Massage Chair (I do have a spare which I can rent for £40 a day)

Card machine (For Cheapest; SumUp 1.69% click here)

Tissues for head rest

Hand sanitiser


It is recommended you have backs up of everything!

Not all locations have food so you may wish to bring your own.


On the day:

You will be sent info via 'what's app' relating to nearest entrance etc. This will be a group chat. Please keep all information relevant and not general chat.

Spaces are on a first-come-first-served basis.


You can:

Have as many breaks as you want

Leave when you want



We charge the client

'Pay what you feel the massage was worth'

Range depends on the show and will be a group decision on the day. HRM Beauty has the final decision. i.e. £10-£20, £10-£30, £15-£50.



Any PLAIN black and white clothes.

Please dress smart/professional.

No low cut /tight tops.

Regular Therapists will be offered a branded T-Shirt.


Issues on the day:

If you are having issues with another team member please leave the area to talk to them. If you can't work things out please ask HRM Beauty for help. I will not be biased.


Someone feels dizzy/faint:

Do not get involved if the client isn't yours unless asked by the therapist.

If you need help please ask HRM Beauty first.

Explain that it is common and temporary

Get them water if possible, keep them cool

Try to move them out of public view

Get medic if needed

If they ask about payment; in this circumstance payment is not required but if they wish to make a donation it is always appreciated.


Working area:

Please keep the area clean and tidy. Only bring what you need for the day as storage is usually limited.

Your items are your responsibility only.

If you are on your phone please be discrete or go to the back of the working area.



Pay Hayley/HRM Beauty via:

Bank: 40-10-00 33943267

Paypal: or



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