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Why Choose HRM Beauty:

My main USP is transparency, this website has all the information you need. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Men are treated no differently or offered any different treatments to women. 



  • Online booking

  • High branded products

  • 100% attention on you

  • You can bring your own music

  • Not bombarded with 'special offers

  • No noise from other therapists or clients

  • Professional service - 14 years of experience

  • No hard sell on retail or future treatments

  • Confirmation email PLUS reminder email & text 

  • Working for you, the individual, bespoke service

  • Getting dressed, paying, re-booking etc DOESN'T come out of your treatment time - 60 minutes = 60 minutes.


Massage/Couch Treatments:

  • No set routines 

  • Support cushions available

  • Cooling mat in the summer

  • Nap time and meditation are available

  • Electric blanket and warm oils in the winter

  • A glass of bottled water after massages and wraps

  • Towels covering 'delicate' areas at all times, never exposed

  • Allowed to mix and match styles - even change your mind on the day

  • Small towels for Lomi & Sports massage so you get more hands-on time, instead of faffing with moving towels



  • Dries off tan with warm air

  • Hands, feet and nails are cleaned


If you are an existing client, what would you add to the list?

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