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2 Lash/Brow Treatments = 25% off - Code: DISCOUNT25%

3 Lash/Brow Treatments = 30% off - Code: DISCOUNT30%

4+ Lash/Brow Treatments = 40% off -  Code: DISCOUNT40%

2 Advanced Facials = Code: DISCOUNT20%

3 Advanced Facials = Code: DISCOUNT30%

4 Advanced Facials = Code: DISCOUNT40% 

Courses Buy 5 Get 1 Free

Time Saver Bonus
time saver.

Save 20% on smaller treatment, when having a longer treatment that can be done alongside, saving time. DISCOUNT20%

i.e. Save 20% off ear candles when having a luxury facial. 

Retails Items HRM Beauty
Retail Items

Sold In Salon. 

Hand/Foot Bundle:

Cracked Heel Mousse, Cuticle Oil, Hand Cream £25

Eye/Brow Bundle:

Mascara, Felt Tip, Waterproof Eyeliner, Foam Cleanser, Brush, Strip Lashes, Eye/Brow Serum £25

Souffle & Shea Body Butter FREE Shower Gloves £20

Grape, Strawberry & Sexy

FREE Body Puff, Spa Slippers, Eye Mask, & Gift Wrapping

for ALL purchases over £30

FREE Serum/Moisturiser with a course of Chemical Peels.

Save 25%.


Moisturiser/Serum £45 RRP £60

Mascara + Eyeliner, Remover + Brush £15 (save £5)

HRM Beauty, birthday discount
Birthday Bonus

Have a treatment the week of your birthday.

Existing clients only.


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