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 £30 per head (min 4) & Travel (£2 per mile)


You Bring:   

A Dressing Gown/Onesie, Slippers, and YOU!




Facial....Cleanse, Tone, Face Mask, Moisturiser


Choose 3 of the following (10-15 mins each):


Massage....- Hand & Arm*Foot & Leg*Back, Neck & Shoulders*Scalp*Face 

Shape & Polish....Hands or Feet 

Make -Up....Blusher, Eye Shadow, Shimmer, Lip Gloss, Hair Glitter

Ear Candle....One Ear Candle for both ears 





'Make your own face mask' (£3 each min 4 people)- a fun lesson (30 - 60 minutes) ingredients include a range of fruit/chocolate

...and you get to eat the remains!


HRM Beauty Pamper Kid's Parties
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