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Difference between Waxing & Threading

There are many forms of hair removal, each with different time spans from the cheapest; shaving every day to the more expensive laser once a month for a year for permanent results. I have tried them all! I offer two in salon waxing and threading, I often get asked what is the difference.

The answer is not very much. Some people find threading very painful others find waxing more so. They both remove hair from the root, which means it lasts for the same amount of time.

Threading is only for the face (just because we don't want to put our faces that close to other body parts!) and gives a softer line. It can be seen as more painful as it takes slightly longer in smaller sections, however it is usually slightly cheaper as there is less outgoings for the therapist. With waxing with have to warm it up before hand so we have to include the electricity cost and wax is a lot more expensive to buy compared to pure cotton which is used in threading.

There is one type of thread but many different types of wax, different ingredients, fragrances and two main types soft/warm/strip wax and hard/hot wax. Hot wax is better for smaller areas like the face as it stick only the the hair not the skin so there is less redness/irritation to the skin.

Try both and see what you prefer. My personal recommendation is wax for the lower face and threading for the eyebrows. However it is a personal choice.

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