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Stay Productive: Teach Yourself To Relax The Easy Way

Even if you don't suffer yourself you may have heard the phrase 'I don't feel I can get out of bed'.We all have those days, some more than others.

Teach Yourself To Relax: The secret; muscle memory. Use the senses...all of them. Do all of these at the same time.

Firstly touch: If you end up having your hands free (after the taste below) then get something soft to feel, like a child having a comfort blanket. Human touch is also very important, kissing (and other things!) can instantly relax the body.

Sound: Have a relaxing playlist, anything you personal find calming, it doesn't have to be waterfalls or birds but anything which gives you happy memories. Preferably something with a slower beat, this naturally reduces the heart-rate.

Taste/Smell: These are best together but you can do them separately.

Taste: Have a couple of bites of a favourite food, one lady used a boiled sweet, another made a big batch of lasagne that she cut into bite sized pieces as she could also smell it.

Smell: If having a non smelling food, also have a relaxing smell, either one that has good memories or one that is designed to relax i.e. lavender/camomile.

Sight: Have a calming backdrop, can be from your partners face, to some artwork or your garden. Preferably colours that are pastel over bold reds.

It takes 21 days for your body to get 'into a habit', when your mind and body learns (and we do need to teach it) to relax we can cope with anything and everything a lot better.

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