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Stay Productive: Ways To Talk

There are lots of ways to talk. Diary. Therapist. Friends. Family. Mirror.

Just getting the day to day worries off your chest into a 'safe space' can help your mindset and 'clear your head'.

Although it may not solve the issues it does put them into perspective and if you involve other people they may be able to offer some suggestions that you didn't realise.

By saying to yourself before you go to sleep ' there is nothing I can do until the morning' as worrying overnight and not sleeping isn't going to help any situation. Sleeping on a problem, however, can help as your brain seems to come up with new ideas overnight for you to think on the next day.

Talking to yourself is the cheapest option although you won't get the benefits that the other methods give. However, this can be done whenever you get time alone. Say it out loud, it gives a whole different understanding.

Diary - This can either be digital or written. You don't even have to keep them but it may be useful to do so for future references. You can write down your dreams as soon as you wake up as your dreams will also help decipher problems.

Keep two diaries, one for bad days and one for good, then you can throw away the bad diary and read back through the good. Pro and con lists for making decisions and even prioritising your problems can make certain problems seem smaller.

Friends/Family - For the odd issue you may want to look elsewhere as you're worried it may turn into an argument or cause them stress. The positives, however, they can offer solutions and as they know you may be able to help practically as well.

If you need to talk to a friend/family about something but don't feel comfortable try either writing a letter (make sure you read it back to yourself before sending and never write while angry) or talking in the car when you don't have to look at each other in the eye.

Therapist - This is the most expensive option although it does have its benefits. You go to them in a safe space so your home is an area is less associated with stress. They can offer an outsider perspective with no emotional attachments.

However you 'talk' make sure you do and not just 'think' as this is proven not to have the same results.

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