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How to Relax; Dress to the mood you want

Dressing to impress can fool others about our mood but can also fool ourselves. It's very easy to fall into the trap of dressing in black and covering up when we aren't feeling at our best but this is just putting you a vicious circle as your clothes will then influence your mood and confidence and confidence is attractive to all.

We all have things about our bodies which we don't like so to dress to your strengths. It doesn't mean you have to go over the top or show off. It is a delicate balance. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it doesn't matter if 'x' doesn't find you attractive another group will, however, dressing to 'make a point' or 'mutton' will make others respond in a negative way which may then have a negative impact on you. Elegant and classy will always win the day, showing flesh isn't the only way to get your confidence up.

It is reported that we tend to wear only 10% of our wardrobe. So make sure that 10% is showing the best of you. Make sure you have clothes to fit as trying on clothes which don't can also knock our confidence and make us turn to those 'safe' clothes a little too often.

Try and always dress with colour even if you don't feel like it. For every piece of black clothing you own, try and have 2 with colour and make sure that your 'comfy clothes' are bright so we don't get used to our 'safe clothes' being dark bringing us back into that non-confident I don't want to face the world vibe.

Accessories are a great way to give you that instant boost not only in colour but in mood and confidence. We all tend to have a 'signature' colour and wearing this can give us that extra boost to either elevate our mood or give us the extra confidence needed to face the world.

For interviews try and wear your signature colour even if it is an accessory and always wear the same colours for following interviews so they recognise you and remember you better. Colours are linked to so many things so give that new person a bold statement about yourself. If you don't know what colour to go for, try and research the place or person and see what their colour is and match it. That instant bond (even though it is mind tricks) may put you ahead of the pack.

If you have any clothes which brings make good memories then wear it more, if it is a bad memory get rid! Although you might look good in it your mind is not liking it and that is more important.

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