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Lash Extensions the different types:

There are many types of lash extensions it is easy to get confused.

Clusters: Also known as party or weekend lashes. These are quick to apply and should only last 2-7 days as they are applied with a weaker glue. Each cluster is applied on several lashes to support the weight. They come in limited lengths.

Classics: This is one lash on one lash. They come in a variety of lashes and widths. They are thicker and longer than your natural lash. This adds slight volume but mainly it is to add length. The length should be no longer then 2-3mm than your natural length to avoid damage to the hair follicle.

Hybrids: This is a combination of classic and volume lashes, this is to give 'the best of both worlds'.

Volume: These lashes are thinner and longer than your natural lash. We group 3-4 together and place on each individual lash. As they fan out they give a 'fluffy' look. This is the best for sparse lashes. A 0.15 classic is the same weight as 4 0.07's.

Mega Volume: These are volume lashes but instead of 3-4 we apply 7-9, they must be very thin and lightweight so the natural lash isn't damaged. This is only recommended for those with strong healthy lashes.

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