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Money Saving Tips

Just a few tips and tricks I've picked up during the years.

Bit of a mixed bag, so there is something for everyone, most you probably already know but are you doing them? There might be some new ones as well!

Cheap doesn't mean best value, always look at the price per quantity.

Get off brand; In supermarkets they put the most expensive items at eye level. If you don't get sucked in by packaging you can find cheaper but no less palatable options.

This is also true for phrmetsucial goods, check the serial numbers, the same products, in different packaging and very different price tags.

Bulk buy; yes you will spend more at the start but will save overall. It also stops that 'oh no we've run out' moments.

Buying your shopping once a week instead of every few days. Most of us have freezers, use them.

This will also save you time.

Plan your meals, always have essentials: By planning in advance and even cooking all in one go will save money 'popping to shops' every few days and energy (in terms of warming up the oven and hobs). In case you haven't had time always have eggs, bacon, pasta and rice, theres a magnitude of meals you can make with whats in the fridge and freezer.

Cleaning up; How many cleaning products do you have? I have used up all mine and now use one. Diluted white wine vinegar. You do slightly want fish and chips after cleaning but this has saved a lot of shelf space.

Ego egg, they are quite cheap and it replaces detergent, I've had mine a few years and still haven't topped in the pellets inside. Takes up a lot less space than detergent as well.

Yes cleaning does take time but by looking after and maintaining, you will save in the long run. Items will not deteriorate and break down if they are looked after.

Use up those products; ever get given samples or take the toiletries from the hotel? Do you use them? If not, why not? Use them up, not only will this delay going to the shops but will clear that shelf.

Also make sure you use ALL the product, cut the tops off bottles to get the remainder out, you'd be surprised how much is left in there.

Make your own products; I have brought 1kg of coconut oil, sheer butter and mango butter (look up what products are best for your skin type). I have made my own mix, not only has this saved money and will last for ages, I don't need to buy separate products for face and body. you can also add essential oils (make sure you look up how much to add and what oils are best for your skin type and objective, i.e. uplifting or relaxing).

Buy second hand; Facebook market etc have great products from those who want to have a clear out. I sell as much as I can, quite a lot of brand new or hardly used items that I don't have space for. If I need any items it is always a good idea to check there first.

Pay annually: Most subscriptions will have a discount if you pay annually. Also paying via direct debit (if paying monthly) can help avoid nasty surprises if you spend before bills come out.

Share subscriptions: You don't have to be married or living with someone to share subscriptions. By sharing things like Spotify, Amazon, Netflicks etc you can dramatically reduce those monthly bills.

Budget for Christmas: Buy presents in the January sales and Black Friday. Be careful with 'offers' make sure you look up if the item really is reduced. If you struggle, have a bank account that you put money in every month that is just for presents.

Use those reward points: Lots of shops have loyalty cards, i.e. I buy my petrol at a supermarket that gives points, those points can be used to buy presents or essentials when in a tight spot.

Buy out of season: Buying winter clothes, heaters etc in summer and summer clothes and fans in winter can be a sneaky way of saving pennies. Most of these items will be much cheaper out of season.

Turn the heating down/Open a window: Put on a jumper, open a window instead of using of central heating or air con. Put a note of the heating so you'll remind yourself there is another option before pushing buttons!

Exercise at home: Why pay a fortune for gym memberships when you can exercise at home, use water bottles as weights, run on the streets instead of a treadmill. No less effective, less time consuming and saves lots of pennies.

Put those tasks together: Don't go to the bank once day, food shopping another, meetings friends the next day, petrol the next. Arrange to all on the same day to save car costs. Petrol at supermarkets is usually cheaper as well.

Take lunch and drinks with you: Going to work or going out for the day, take a packed lunch and a reusable coffee cup. Quite a lot of places give discounts for bringing your own cup now. You can also go one step further and if you like tea/coffee plain i.e. chi tea/green tea which is just a teabag, take your own, most will give hot water for free.

Borrow; don't go on holiday very often? Then why not ask friends\family to borrow their luggage, travel pillow, plugs etc.

Expenses down, treats up!

Give a gesture payment as a thank you (or that bottle of wine that has been sitting there for ages). You can do the same with tools, trade services etc.

P.S If you have a trade service let me know you are willing to swap.

Look after your skin; If your skin is glowing you tend to wear less make up, so treat yourself to a facial

and you'll end up wearing less make up, saving time and money in the long run.

Learn beauty; Can't afford to go to the salon all the time? Why not learn to do the treatment on yourself with HRM Beauty.

One for the girls; I only found this in my 30's. I get very annoyed when I hear schools are giving away free sanitary products. Our schools have a small budgets as it is!

What they should be doing is giving away re-useable products. Moon cups can stay in for up to 12 hours compared to tampons 4 hour. No more or less 'gross' than dealing with a tampon. No landfill.

Costs under £2.

You can also get washable pads, again cheap, less landfill, they can be slightly bulky but the positives out weigh this.

and this is the best advise I can give....

RESEARCH: 'Special offer' doesn't mean it is. I've set up three beauty salons and all I know was done at the best price. I went to several wholesalers and looked up every single item for the best price (Make sure you take shipping and VAT into account). Look up all items ebay, amazon, supermarkets etc. Don't pay more for the same object.

With all this money you have now saved you can treat yourself to a treatment!

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