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Lash Extensions V Lash Lift and Tint

Although there is a big market for lash extensions I have noticed a big shift especially from those over 30 to lash lift and tint and it's not hard to see why. Extensions win on a few points but for most of us there is very little reason to have these full time.

There are different type of lash extensions, Cluster, Classic, Volume/Russian and now even mega volume. (I'll go into the differences between them in another blog!)

Lash Extensions: Lash Lift & Tint:

Time: 2-3 hours 30 mins

(most lifts are 45mins-1hour but I use a brand which cuts this time in half)

Top up time: 1.5-2 hours not needed

Time between appointments: 2-3 weeks 6-8 weeks

Price: £50 - £60 £25

Top up price: £30 - £35 not needed

6 month price: (based on my classic) £262.50 £100

6 month hours on couch: 14.5 hours 2 hours

Aftercare is also very different. Lash extensions should be cleaned and washed everyday, use a silk pillowcase or sleep on your back. Be very careful with eye make up and use specialist eye make up (which we sell to help you). Lash Lift there's practically nothing, use your make up as normal. Although I would recommend a serum to stop them drying out too much.

Damage can be done with both treatments however with a lift, if the lashes are over processed the result will last 6-8 weeks until your new lashes come through, where recovery from lash extensions is 3-6 months as the damage is also done to the hair follicle. We can also do lash extensions to 'cover up' damage done by a lift but if your lashes have broken and you have no lashes at all there is nothing that can be done, it is just a waiting game.

No matter how careful your technician is your lashes will weaken over time with extensions, which is why most feel bald if they have them fully removed, but they will come back to full strength after a few months so don't panic. Again serums can be used to accelerate the growth/strengthening process.

It may seem like I'm totally pro lash lift but lash extensions do have their place. They are great if you have sparse lashes, volume lashes can give you a full set of lashes again. They have certainly helped build confidence of my post chemo ladies who's lashes are coming back.

All Lash extensions can give length and volume where a lift can only give the appearance of length but we can only work with what you already have.

I personally have a lash lift however as I am now allergic to hair dye (thanks to not being offered a patch test with James Quigley now at Barberinaboxuk) I can't get that extra 'pop' from darkening my lashes anymore. Although for special occasions lash extensions are my preference to give extra volume. (although for a cheaper alternative use strip lashes if ever now and then or cluster lashes which lasts a few days).

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