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Being a beauty model

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

If you have signed up to be a model for a therapist chances are you are getting a cheap deal.

You must treat your saying yes as important as turning up to your wedding.

Just because it is cheap or free doesn't mean it has been free for the student.

If you don't turn up it could mean they loose hundreds of pounds as they are then unable to show they can perform the treatment safely and to standard or they go beyond their deadline for case studies meaning they have to do the training all over again.

It's the same when booking in with your doctor, hairdresser, beautician etc.

Once you're booked in, you are asking them to dedicate their time and effort solely on you. If you find you have better things to do you could potentially be the final nail in the coffin.

As a model you must understand that you won't be getting the same quality as with a qualified therapist. They will be slower, there will be talking throughout. They may have to go over certain bits a few times.

The tutor is there to make sure (as much as possible) that you are safe and to make the day worth your time as well as making sure the student reaches their goals for the day.

If they don't don't be put off, just be put off that salon/tutor and find another who will look after your interests as well.

Respect your student and the tutor and they will respect you.

It is the job of the salon/tutor to give as much notice as possible, even if you are on the reserved list and treat you with the same respect as a full paying client.

Why not treat yourself and help out at the same time?
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