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Can Weight Loss be Relaxing?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Weight loss shouldn't be about fad diets or paying for the gym that you hardly go to.

Ideally it should be about a healthy lifestyle, good work life balance, eating the right foods in the right proportions at the right times.

Unfortunately, life doesn't always give us the chance to do all the above. So if you are trying with the diet, increasing your water intake, but don't have time for the gym (If you are like me, I hate exercise unless it's dance/fun based, in fact it makes me grumpy.) Or you want an extra boost there is something your beauty therapist can offer. What you do have to remember is the fairies aren't going to do it for you.

There are a few treatments from the extreme of liposuction to body wraps.

The body wrap HRM Beauty offers is clinically proven and now instead of being wrapped up for an hour, you can have a lymphatic drainage massage to not only push the oil into the skin but also kick start the bodies natural process of expelling the things we don't need that hang around in our muscles.

For those who are 'stressed out' the 'unwrapped' gives the chance for some 'me time', that includes a massage while losing those stubborn inches, relaxation is just as important for a healthy lifestyle. Stress will slow down the metabolism so including a massage will help both mind and body.

On average you lose 6 inches (thats all over the body). I even add a booster oil to those 'problem' areas.

This isn't a 'quick fix'. This is a boost to a healthy lifestyle (as much as you can).

Unlike other wraps where as soon as you have a glass of water you put in inches back on, Tibby Oliver's Shrinking Violet Body Wrap aftercare is drink as much water as you can to flush away the fat. Although we measure you before and after (to show you it does work) it carries on sinking into the skin and working for another 72 hours. So even better you get a break from the gym for that time. (You can, but sweating will dilute and push the oil out).

If you don't want to miss out the exercise or want an even bigger boost we have take home products designed for the individual problem areas and HRM Beauty is selling for wholesale price! You apply these 1-2 times a day preferable where you can allow them to sink in for 8 hours before washing.

Yes there is a cost, there are products and my time involved but you get relaxation, an instant drop on those inches without the sweat. There's no reason not to.

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