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Difference Between Henna Brows & Tinting

There is a lot on the market for semi-permanent brows from tinting to microblading.

What do they all mean? What should you expect?

Make Up: Even in this category there are lots of options. They last 1-2 days and are the cheapest option. Although the point of the rest is so you don't have to think about it every day, saving you time overall. Pencils will give a more dramatic line, powders to fill in the gaps etc.

Tinting: This takes approx 5 mins and has limited range of shades over the whole colour spectrum i.e. light brown/dark brown/ grey/ chestnut, which can be mixed. The effects will last on the skin for a few days and on the hair for approx 6 weeks.

The application works with what hairs and shape you already have, it's more about darkening the hair to create the illusion of thickness rather than creating a shape.

Tinting is the only option where lightening is possible, although not very popular.

Henna: This takes around 30 mins, lasts on the skin for up to 2 weeks and the hair for 6-8 weeks.

There are a range of shades which are mixed to create a tailored look.

We mark out where the brows should be in relation to each other, which creates a more even and symmetrical shape, it still does what tinting does by darkening to give the illusion of thickness.

This costs more than tinting as it takes and lasts longer. You get the 'perfect shape' brow for up to 2 weeks then the same effect as tinting after that for an extra 15 mins on the couch.

Henna is a great tester to see if you want to try one of the more permanent options.

With HRM Beauty it also comes with a free eyebrow wax and brow serum massage.

I don't offer the following so my details are limited, however I have had mine 'powdered'. These are the options for those of us with hair dye allergies.

The next level up is semi-permanent make up, which again there is a range which offers slightly different results.

Microblading, Feathering Tattoo, Powdered Brows.

Personally I prefer the look of microblading or feathering as this will draw in lines giving a more 'extra hairs' like effect rather than a block colour. This option does have a downside for the more mature, as it doesn't cover grey hairs.

All these are much more expensive although they don't take too much longer than henna. You do have to go in for tops and they do fade over time.

Unfortunately nothing is permanent.

You have to choose what option is right for your budget, how often you can visit your salon and what your desired look is. There is something for everyone and as nothing is permanent why not give a few option a go?

Henna v Tinting

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