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For Clients; Why there is a cancellation fee

From the time you book you are asking your therapist to dedicated their time and skills solely to you.

Any appointment you make where you are asking for anyone to reserve time for you, this time should be held as precious as turning up to your own wedding.

If you cancel at short notice we can't earn money from anyone else. Even if you re- schedule with a few days notice, chances are we have turned away other clients as you were booked in.

Please remember what we are doing isn't a hobby, this is our livelihood, how we pay our bills.

If you cancel for work reasons...why is your work more important than mine, I have bills just like you.

If you cancel through a family illness...I am here waiting for you, I haven't cancelled, I still need to pay my bills, so although I understand and appreciate you need to be elsewhere, and you should be, you also need to appreciate that if you don't pay me I can't eat and I will then be ill.

Most therapists will have a cancellation policy in place to cover themselves.

I ask for 50% so neither side are winners or losers, all sides are put out equal amounts. You will also not be able to re-book unless this fee has been paid.

I do have some lovely clients who pay full price if they have to cancel at short notice. If are or have been one of these clients then 'thank you'.

If you haven't paid and want to re-book, it's never too late. Once it is paid you will not be treated any differently to any one else. It will not be mentioned again. So if you have felt embarrassed that you didn't pay, or now understand why you were asked then I will always be grateful for any respect shown to my business.

If you'd like to read the 'therapists' perspective then see the website/facebook next week.

Do you show respect for the service industries?

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