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For Therapists; Cancelation Fees

We all get it, clients cancelling at the last minute and we are sat with a gap in the diary.

If you don't have an online system that takes card details in advance you might never be able to eliminate the threat altogether but we implement a few things to help ourselves.

Talk to your clients:

Make sure they understand that from the time of booking you are dedicating your time and skill to them and them alone, so re-arranging and/or cancelling is not advisable as you may miss out on other clients.

We all have emergencies, but if you don't pay your bills you will be homeless and chances are that will trump their emergency.

Set Boundaries:

What are your work hours? Do you stick to them? As soon as you make an exception, are you expected to do it more?

Turn off your phone:

I have a 'do not disturb' option on my phone set from 9pm-9am. You can set exceptions so family can call if there is an emergency etc. I don't want to be called at 8am if I'm working till 9pm, or called at 11pm if I'm up at 9am.

Have online booking so clients can book during the 'off' hours.

Do try and get back to clients as soon as possible but remember you are not a 24/7 service.

Make them pay:

Ask for 50% so you are both out of pocket in equal amounts. No one wins no one looses. Remember your bills need paying as well.

Quite a few clients have paid me full price as they respect my business. In turn I can reward them with an extra treatment or extra time on their next treatment as a good will gesture.

Clients who don't pay can't rebook. Yes you will loose some, but do you want clients who think their bills are more important than yours?

Fire clients if you need to:

Have a 3 strike policy. Clients have to learn they can't take advantage as what we do isn't a hobby.

Only do this as a last resort, and use your own judgement i.e. if they have paid the cancellation fee every time, don't fire them. If they have brought in other clients, left good reviews, tip, then talk to them and let them know they have been red flagged and you have to put your business first so only book if they can be as sure as possible they can make it.

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