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For Therapists; Teaching Beauty; Ice Breakers

When we gain our teaching qualification we are taught to include an icebreaker. It doesn't have to be just for groups, it's a great way to get your student(s) in the ' work' frame of mind.

I get the pleasantries, like asking if they'd like a drink out the way and while I'm getting that or taking their coats I get them to do my icebreaker.

I ask all my students to

1. Write down how they can up-sell on the treatment they are learning.

i.e. for massage: Add warm oils, electric blanket.

How they can make the treatment more luxurious.

2. How you can up-sell with no added time taken (or very little time). Anything you can add on to your treatment instantly to get more money.

i.e. for massage: Hand/foot mask. Retail items.

3. How you can up-sell with added time. Next time your client comes in book extra time for...

i.e. for massage: Body Exfoliation, ear candles...basically anything that can be done lying down.

4. What are other salons offering that I/we won't?

i.e. for massage: Personally, I don't offer any machines as there is too much outlay. You may be more sports than holistic so chakras might not be for you.

Once they've had a go I then help add a few answers and we group discuss how we would get the clients who want things from list 4 into our salons.

Every treatment massage, pedicure, body wrap can be applied to the 4 questions.

It's not so much about the answers, it is more to get their mind thinking about the treatment and business. It is also a good indication about their competency level, can they think for themselves, how much hinting to get to the right answer to they need?

Even if they aren't the manager of a salon, we all need to think about how we can be better or offer more than our competitors and all levels of therapists can have an input on this.

What icebreakers do you have in place?

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