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Has your treatment met your expectations?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Have you ever left the treatment room feeling like the treatment didn't meet your expectations?

Why didn't it? Was it the therapists error? Was it the product? Or were your expectations outside what could realistically be achieved?

As a therapist I've been in all 3 of these.

Therapist error: We are human, sometimes we make mistakes. It is not our intention and we will do all we can to correct things.

Product error: Unfortunately this out out of everyones control and is only discovered after the fact.

There can be many causes with many variables.

Unrealistic Expectations: I've had a few clients expecting a result which is beyond the scope. It is always recommend that as a client you research your treatment and is the therapist the right one to give you the result based on that research.

i.e. I had a lady not satisfied with a spray tan as it wasn't dark enough, despite my advertising saying I give a 'natural/sun-kissed' look. I don't spray you look like you've been tangoed. She also didn't specify what her desired look.

i.e. Lady two tried henna and despite photos being on the website and social media her expectation was a micro blading look, which isn't possible with henna as it is a liquid.

If you aren't satisfied make sure you speak up in the room. If the issue is your personal preference we don't know unless you say. As professionals we will always try to correct 'time permitting' to achieve the best result possible for you. Communication is key, we want you to come back!

Communication is key if you're not happy.

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