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How to Relax; Don't get Cooped Up

Well, the sun is out and everyone seems to be more upbeat than in the winter, even when stressed the sun does take 'the sting' out of it a little. (I should know!)

I've never understood why we go for 'summer holidays'? Surely it is better to go as the weather is warming up or cooling down to prolong that 'summer sensation'. Go away when the weather is colder it increases that 'escape' sensation and makes the money we spend worth it just that little bit more.

Wherever you are, try where you can (safely) to be in the sun or at least in its warmth for at least 30 minutes a day, not only to soak up vitamin D but the warmth will improve your mood.

However, it isn't just the sun, the extra oxygen you get while being outside will help you make bigger deeper breathes which in itself helps with stress levels.

Try and make your outdoor space as pleasant as possible. Although it is extra work it will have the same benefits as spring cleaning your house. Try having a wind chime or water feature for calming sounds and grow lavender or other calming scents. All these combine features can reduce overall stress.

Make sure you are keeping hydrated as that has its own benefits.

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