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How to relax; Hydrate

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Now I'm the first for being a camel, I can go a whole day without drinking anything...and I get told off regularly....oops!

Increasing our water intake can dramatically reduce stress levels and increase our productivity throughout the day. It flushes out the bits our bodies are meant to reject instead of allowing them to hang around at settle in our systems.

These 'bits' can slow us down mentality and physically.

When we have a massage the therapist always says 'have some water flush out the toxins' and we nod, smile and go for a cup of tea instead, which contains caffeine and will effectively make the massage worthless as everything they have pushed to the exit points stays put.

Imagine if you didn't wash for days? Well, that's what you are doing to your insides.

The amount we need depends on our lifestyle and build. I'm not going to need to the same as a body builder but I may need more if I'm exercising (extremely rare occurrence), working, cleaning, (should say any manual labour really) compared to a lazy day.

If you're feeling tired or hungry chances are you are just in need of some water, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and melons have a high water content. Or an old dancer trick - ice chips!

Apparently, 50% of wrinkles is caused by lack of water! There's no point having a fancy moisturiser if you're not plumping from within. It would be like building a house on sand. It won't matter much the bricks cost. You'll also know if you need to increase your water intake as your urine will be dark and/or cloudy.

You should also have a humidifier around to compensate for the heating which dries out the air and therefore our skin.

Place a note on your computer or on the remote so you remember to take a sip a water every time you do certain tasks, like send an email. Soon it'll become a habit and your water intake increased.

When did you last have some water?

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