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How to Relax; Shower Time

I love the shower I spend 15 minutes in the shower. It ends up being 'and tonight Matthew I'm going to be...' moment with the amount of steam in the room.

The shower is the best place to allow yourself to think. More so over a bath. The sound of water is relaxing in itself but also it creates a sound barrier to the white noise that surrounds us everywhere else leaving our brains with time to reset.

This is why so many people have 'Eureka' moments in the shower.

The warmth of a shower also helps our muscles to relax.

The products we use can also have a big influence on how we feel once we (eventually) come out. So the morning you should use uplifting fragrances like lemon or orange and in the evening you should use lavender/chamomile type fragrances.

Eucalyptus is a great way (along with the steam) to clear the sinuses if you are suffering from colds or hayfever.

Many people sing in the shower and this is great (the acoustics are the best in an echoey room) lowering our inhibitions and boost your confidence. A great way to start the day. If you aren't going to be singing along try to leave all electronic devices outside. Not only away from the stream but will give you that break from the invisible noise which comes out of it.

Make sure to clear the room of clutter. Finish that bottle of shampoo before bringing another to be in your view.

I'd recommend having a bath in the evenings and shower in the mornings. The warmth of the bath can help raise the body temp ready for bed and patter of the shower will get the heart pumping. ..don't forget the rubber duck...just because!

Be squeaky clean

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