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How to Relax; Space Saving

Keeping your area clear and clutter free with have a subconscious effect on our productivity. For example, if you work at a computer if you are going to have any clutter, have a plant like Aloe Vera which gives off lots of oxygen or a salt lamp which counteracts the ions (energy) coming from the screen.

You will also find that having a clear space will help with your level of relaxation. So put those clothes away in the bedroom before going to bed, clear the draining board from the kitchen, clear your computer desk. Give your head space to work.

Have a spring clean, throw the rubbish away, put everything away neatly, there are loads of space saving gadgets for all rooms of the house. This will give instant gratification seeing what massive gain could be achieved by a simple job. You'll have more space, the area will look and feel bigger.

Make a ‘to do’ list physically tick off when you have done a point on it will give that same sense of achievement.

It might not be fun but will have a more positive effect than being untidy.

Tidy Place, Tidy Mind
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