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How to Relax; Take a deep breath

Have you ever thought how babies can scream for hours and not get out of breath or get a sore throat?

The truth is we are born doing everything right, for breathing, our bodies are remarkable and reset themselves at night and we start breathing properly. Slow deep breaths from our diaphragms.

When we wake up our breathing is very different from the middle of the day when our breathing turns into shallow and quick. (Have you noticed the difference?).

We aren't doing anything wrong but we can improve, by breathing from 'lower down', increasing our breath size and all the goodness that comes from it.

We don't learn how to relax and breathing correctly is a big part of not only relaxing but getting through everyday tasks.

When we are stressed 'bad breathing habits' increase. This reduces the oxygen levels to our muscles and brain making them work harder and tire more easily.

In certain situations this is a positive along with adrenaline increase, long term however this can lead serious ill health.

Take a slow deep breath in and out. No one needs to even know you are doing it. Your heart rate will slow down, stress level reduced, more oxygen to the cells.

Take 3 slow deeps breaths in and out just before you go bed, this will reduce your heart rate and get you to sleep quicker.

Why not treat yourself to a massage with HRM Beauty who offers a 15 minute massage, that concentrates on the intercostal muscles to help release the tension in the ribs to help take that deep breath.

Put this together with a few other simple stress-busting techniques and your productivity is increased, stress reduced, health improved etc and all you did was breath!

Don't let the day to day get too much

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