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How To Stay Productive: Getting Into The Habit

From the age of 4, we are told to sit up straight, concentrate, pay attention. We don't learn how to relax. We grow up and tend to fit in 'bad habits' like beer/wine, smoking/vaping, technology, however it is never too late to tweak.

Why do gym memberships start getting dusty? It's because (with all good intentions) we are creatures of habit, changing too much too soon is never going to work. Start small, think of small habits we can realistically fit into our lives. i.e. deep breathing, or stretching. It can even be to stop something .i.e. one bad snack a day, or one alcoholic drink per week at home. It takes nearly a month (21 days) to get your self into a habit.

It may seem like a mountain but we can do little things to help ourselves. It starts off as a 'when I remember' to 'when I do the odd task' to 'before 'x' tasks' like when I get in the car or start the shower. Suddenly I'm not cursing the plonker who cut me up at the roundabout or crying over spilt milk (pun intended). Soon that habit starts to form. Leave notes on places you can't miss. Computer (the mouse, not the screen so you have to move the note to use it). The TV remote Pillow Clock

Set reminders on phone, let's face it we can't help but look when it beeps at us. Ask those who live with us for their help and makes a big difference.

If you forget and miss a day don't stress. Just think why did you miss it? If 'life' just got in the way, start again. Was the change too ambitious? - Choose a smaller goal for now and build up to this one Did you get the support you needed? By tweaking our behaviours we can increase productivity, decrease stress, improve sleep, feel healthier.

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