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Is the client always right?

In basic terms...'no'.

I once had a client book in to have lash extensions removed. She brought her baby in car seat with her. She got very angry when I refused to let her in. How dare I waste her time. (Not that she mentioned she was going to bring anyone with her.)

If her child had cried she may not have opened her eyes but she have flickered or flinched, talked or moved etc. This may have caused strong chemicals to go in her eyes, who's fault would that have been?

It is our job as professionals to put safety over profits or client convenience.

I often see therapists offer their services for tinting 'on the day'. Where's the patch test? 'oh, it's ok I've had it loads of times before'. If something goes wrong they will look for pay out, and it's your reputation (and bank balance) thats ruined.

You are the one with the training. Believe in yourself and your knowledge. Many clients believe because they have had the treatment before with someone else or they've seen the treatment being done etc they know all about it. You are in charge. It is down to you, don't be afraid to say 'no'.

Clients can also try and push the boundaries with either not showing up, turning up late etc. It's your business, your way of paying the bills, don't be afraid to stand by your rules.

I'd rather have fewer clients that respect my business than many who don't. In the long run it will be a stronger business because less wasted time.

If it is a beauty treatment, ask for photos. Take before and after photos in the room (even if they aren't used for social media). i.e. Lady has lash lift, I took photos. She comes back a few days later saying she was crying on the day and lift has fallen and demanded a refund. Why? It wasn't my error, my time and products were used up and I should be out of pocket? Should she?

There's customer service and there's being a doormat. Have great customer service but don't be a doormat. If a client is demanding a refund, why? Was it product failure? Was it bad service? Or are they taking the mick?

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