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Myth of Ear Candles - Do they suck out ear wax?

Short answer no.

It's a chimney not a hoover, they warm and therefore loosen compacted wax kick starting the natural process, which is little hair pulling excess wax to the surface.

Why do we think it sucks out wax?

After treatment many therapists open the candle to show 'what has been removed'. This is the 'ash' from the candle only, which presents are the same colour as ear wax.

However on closer inspection, if you were to have some ear wax next to it you would see a variety of differences.

The colour (shade) would properly be different (different nationalities have different ear wax, either more dry or more yellow).

There are no little hairs stuck in the candle wax like there would be with ear wax and if you really want to play inspector the taste test would certainly connivence you.

Candles also have a filter (a piece of sponge) which isn't saturated after use so how does the wax pass through? It doesn't.

Think of a fireplace, when lit the ash doesn't end up on the roof, gravity plays a part. It does melt the coals to a lighter substance.

Why have ear candles?

By removing excess wax it can improve hearing and reduces the fluid on the inner side of the eardrum. This can help with colds/hay-fevers etc but in general will make you face feel 'lighter'. Similar to the sensation of blowing your nose, you thought you were breathing before and suddenly feel like you can really breath!

It's a nice relaxing treatment, will make you think you are lying by a roaring bonfire.

So why not give it go?

Ear Candls
Ear candles can be done at any age

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