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Paper v Cloth Wax Strips

I brought some fabric strips as never brought them before (they were on offer and cheaper).

Despite no other therapists having anything good to say about them I found they do have some pros over paper and now I am used to them, I'll think i'll stick (pardon the pun).

The skin reaction is heavily reduced. The erythema is a lot less so it is easier to see what hairs haven't been removed getting a cleaner result. Perfect for sensitive skin types.

What strips do you use?

Downside is you do have to be experienced as they do fold in on themselves so can slow you down as you do have to pay more attention, or you will get in sticky mess. Although it doesn't take long to get the hang over it.

You can't use them as much as paper. They do get fuller quicker and the other side gets sticky as it seeps through so sticky hands/gloves. There is also a lot of fibres that shed that seem to end up every where.

Overall based on prices and how much usage you can get they average at the same.

Pain wise clients noticed a slight reduction with fabric.

I would use these on myself and sensitive clients. There's no point having a sensitive wax if your other tools aren't also helping.

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