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Pro's and Con's from working from home


  • You save A LOT of time, how much time is wasted sitting in traffic or on the train (where usually you are stuck standing up under someones armpit).

  • You can multitask, you can have the washing machine on, have clothes drying outside, be waiting for that delivery while earning.

  • You save money, when working out we are surrounded by temptation of 'that quick coffee' or 'going out for lunch'. Although household bills go up, it's not as much as petrol/train fares.

  • Better diet; it is easier and cheaper to put together a healthy balanced meal at home than eating out or a packed lunch every day.

  • Not as applicable if getting the train, and taking in a packed lunch with your own coffee cup but most times you are reducing your carbon footprint by not travelling everyday. Make sure you are turning off appliances and lights to maximise on this.


  • You can feel like a cooped chicken which can get lonely.

  • You may end up spending more on your days off, to compensate for not seeing world you end up spending all day out the house on days off, which usually involves spending.

  • It can encourage depression, not having a change of environment.

  • You do get a little bit lazy, I recently changed from a PC to a laptop and now I spend more time in bed with the TV on, so I might not get as much done as when I get up and go into a separate room. You have to be strict with yourself.

  • It can put more pressure on your home relationships. Do you do need a good support system, just because you are at home more, doesn't mean you have to now do everything.

Remember your business is no less valuable due to its location, it's the quality you deliver that counts.

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