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Why people look down on beauty therapists?

I recently had a horrible experience where people were coming forward saying 'why do you think you are equal to a tradesman?' i.e. a handyman, builder or accountant. Why?

Why wouldn't I? I'm equal o all skills that I don't have or don't want to do myself. Accountants cleaners etc.

I've had to train (for years) to gain qualifications to have in depth knowledge of the body so I can help more people with more issues. Each beauty treatment I train in requires more background knowledge not just the practical treatment is covered in good quality training courses.

We are required to do CPD - updating, refreshing or learning something new every year.

Now this industry isn't regulated just like the manual trades so it's easy to see who is good and who isn't, not just by reviews, pictures or time served but by their CV which they will be showing off if they have done the training.

Just like a bad tradesman drilling through your wall and hitting a water pipe, massage and certain beauty treatments can be extremely dangerous if not performed correctly. So doing the job yourself without the skills or knowledge increases the risk.

My point being don't look down on other industries just because they don't charge as much or not a physical or don't include as many tools, it's narrow minded and ignorant. If they have skills you don't have then they are priceless. Yes of course we need money and paying clients but swapping skills could really help a small growing business, could save time and money - get the best person for the job instead of making do according to limited budget.

As long as both parties agree on terms and give their best, the same they would with a paying client, what is there to say no to?

I could do D.I.Y but I'd prefer to have a professional for a cleaner quicker job, the same way most people could paint their own nails, but isn't it a faff. You might not have all the tools or storing space.

I can't lay a floor (wouldn't want to) the same way you can't massage your own back. - But I bet you get aches and pains you've been ignoring.

I could do my own taxes or I can swap my services with an accountant we both get things we want and avoid doing the jobs we don't. (Have you tried waxing your own bikini line?!?!)

A cleaner doesn't need qualifications like me, but it's still a job I don't want to do - no one should be looked down on if the quality of their work is good.

If you've had good work done by anyone in any industry why not look them up and give them a glowing review to help their business? Make sure you only give reviews to people you have used and not because you don't like them personally.

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